4 Things to Do To Slay Post #VDay/ #CNY Daze

Rain + freezing temp. + yucky roads + 200 emails + work in general…. Could I just stay in bed today? Image Source: Bridget Jone’s Diary (2001)

It’s bad enough that today’s #Monday, but on top of the usual #mondayblues, it’s the day after V-Day or if you’re in #Taiwan, the first workday after a 9 day #CNY hiatus. Regardless of which holiday you celebrated (or in my case, both), chances are you’re either crashing from the holiday approved/induced chocolate-high or trying to regain consciousness from the post-celebratory hangovers or simply attempting the monumental task of keeping your eyes open while sorting through a 200+ work email pileup (or is that just moi?). On top of it all, as fate would have it, here in Taiwan today temperature has dropped roughly 30oF overnight and started raining after a week of 80oF sunny perfection, which made climbing out of bed this morning a task that can only be equated to climbing Mount freakin’ Everest. Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit (please pardon my post-sugar-slash-alcohol-slash-sunshine and hormonal self) but how do we start a productive week when all I feel like doing right now is curl up and watch the #BAFTA (congrats, by the way, to my favorite actress of all time, Ms Kate Winslet for winning!) in the comfort of my warm bed. Luckily, (whether you’ve already survived the treacherous day of fire crackers sounding off at every corner or you’re just getting your first of many cups of joe) here are 4 things that can help you slay the post-holidaze.


1. Write a detailed to-do list and cross them off.

Actor Redmayne reacts as he takes the stage to accept the Oscar for best actor for his role in "The Theory of Everything" during the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood
Crossing off items on a list can fill you with a sense of accomplishment not unlike the feeling you get when you receive an #Oscar. Actor Eddie Redmayne reacts as he takes the stage to accept the Oscar for best actor for his role in “The Theory of Everything” during the 87th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 22, 2015. REUTERS/Mike Blake (UNITED STATES TAGS:ENTERTAINMENT) (OSCARS-SHOW)

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the enormous amounts of emails/work stuff/that book you were supposed to edit during break… etc. that somehow (magically!) appear on your desk. Turning on your laptop to find an overflowing inbox is enough to send any good type A neat freak (ahem.. me) in a downward spiral. If, you’re like me and, the thought of having a red number next to your inbox or a monstrous pile of paperwork nesting on your desk makes you binge eat, try this little tip. Take a piece of paper (or if you prefer to use your phone, Trello is always a great choice) and write down everything that needs to be accomplished today. Write down absolutely everything, even things like pick up Starbucks for Nancy. The process of thinking and writing things down helps your mind prioritize and organize. Furthermore, scientists have suggested that by writing things down, you free up your mind to think of how to actually finish these tasks instead of using your already limited mind space as an alarm system. After you accomplish your task, cross it off your list. The act of crossing things off can bring a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you to complete more. And let’s face it, it feels super awesome. By celebrating the small victories (ie crossing off get Starbucks for Nancy), you feel more accomplished and, by extension, more confident in your abilities to #getthingsdone.


2. Set an alarm to get up every hour.

You know that super cute guy (you know which one) at the office you’ve been dying to talk to? Perhaps it’s time to strike up a flirty convo during your 5 minute quick stretch break. NEW GIRL: Jess (Zooey Deschanel, R) and Ryan (guest star Julian Morris, L) are partners during a teachers’ conference in the “Teachers” episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, Nov. 18 (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Jennifer Clasen/FOX

It’s super easy to fall asleep at your desk when you’re glued to your seat the entire day. Sitting makes you sleepy but then you’re sleepy so you’re sitting… it’s a vicious circle. It’s easy to get lost under the mountains of paperwork and before you know it you’re zoning out looking at the expense report of what’s-his-face for reasons that you can’t remember. Furthermore, sitting (or staying stationary for that matter) for a prolonged amount of time is bad for your body. To break your body out of the rut, set an alarm for a quick break every hour. Go to the bathroom, get a glass of water, stand by the window and look at the trees for a few minutes, talk to that super cute guy in the cubical far far away. Making sure you move around every hour can significantly lower your risk for lower back pain, circulatory issues and excess build up around your lower abdomen. Beyond the physical benefits, by taking your mind off the routine, you’re helping your mind reset, which in turn helps it concentrate a little better when you actually need it to. If you need a little reminder, try Plant Nanny, an super adorable app designed to remind you to hydrate with super cute digital plants.


3. Do something you LOVE everyday.

I like my cake. That is the one thing I look forward to every day. Don’t take it away from me! Image Source: The Mindy Project

Work is stressful (thank you Captain Obvious), which is why we look forward to the weekends so much. The down feeling we get after a long holiday can be easily associated with the lack of things to look forward to (ie. all you see is work, work and more work so you’re depressed). There’s an easy fix for this. Schedule to do something you absolutely love everyday. It could be just watching an episode of the Mindy Project (#MindyKaling is part of my dream #girlsquad) or taking a long bath with scented candles. Whatever it is you fancy, by actively putting it in your schedule (and to-do list), you give yourself something to look forward to at the end of a long work day, and that could be all the drive you need to get through an extra grueling staff meeting.


4. Sweat it out.

Sometimes a little #danceparty is all a gal needs to get the blood pumping! Image Source: Popsugar

Did you know that working out is actually a stress reliever? Researches have shown that by hitting the gym/whatever workout you fancy you actually increase the production of endorphins (ie your natural happy juice)  in your body, making you more relaxed and happy. Can’t get motivated enough to choose your bed over the super intimidating gym? Try dance parties like Daybreaker where you can get all the fun of a clubbing scene with the benefits of a healthy workout and none of the boring routine (and of course slay like the Queen). If you’re more of a theater/ballet type person or if you are a type A personality diva (in a good way of course) try a ballet workout like the Barre Workout. The perfection demanding nature of ballet will give your type A persona a much needed tickle while the workout will have you sweating like a swan on a hot summer’s eve.

Shaking off a post holidaze is like trying to nurse oneself back to functional post hangover. Everything’s a haze and nothing will ever  be enjoyable ever again. Or so it seems. By organizing your brain with a detailed to-do list and celebrating the small victories by actively crossing them off. Setting an alarm to move around every hour to avoid dozing off under your pile of work. Giving yourself something to look forward to by scheduling an activity you love every day. And finally, increasing your endorphins by sweating it out Queen Bey style. You can too slay this post-holidaze.

Are you ready to #slay? Image Source: http://ow.ly/YmDRt

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