8-Year-Old Burn Victim Wishes for Christmas Cards


If you can wish for one thing this Christmas, what would it be? For the 8-year-old Safyre, it’s a full tree of Christmas cards. Safyre Terry was the victim to an arson in May of 2013 that led to the death of her father, David Terry, and her three siblings, all of whom under the age of three, according to the TODAY show. Safyre, who suffered burns over 75% of her body, had to undergo more than 50 surgeries over the past two years during which both her left foot and right hand were amputated. Still, in face of all that adversity, she remains optimistic according to aunt, Liz Dodler.

“She even lost the one thing we all take for granted – her reflection. But she wakes every morning with a smile on her face. She is the true definition of hope, faith and love.”

Liz, who petitioned to become Safyre’s legal guardian, often posts updates on Safyre’s health to Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor, a Facebook page she created. On Dec. 3rd, she shared the photograph of little Safyre with a Christmas card holder and her little wish. When Kevin Clark, a supporter, saw the post, he share the photo along with an address where people could mail her cards. The post quickly became viral, over 20,000 shares and Safyre’s received cards from across continental US and even a few emails from Italy, Sweden, Russia and the UK.

“When she opens these cards, the twinkle in her eye and the sparkle in her smile are priceless.” 

This holiday season, while we’re enjoying our champagne toasts, kisses under the mistletoe and warm hugs from our loved ones, let’s also help bring a little more joy and love to this little girl, who’s suffered so much but yet still reminded us of the true holiday spirit. 

Let’s help Safyre to make her dream a reality, shall we?

To send a card to Safyre: Safyre, P.O. Box 6126, Schenectady, New York, 12306.
You can also donate to help Safyre with her medical expenses here.

You can also keep up with Safyre here.


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